These 15 works are from my most recent gallery show, Pollination, currently on display at the Karma Birdhouse Gallery in Burlington, VT.  The show is a celebration of pollination.  It looks at mostly native Vermont pollinators and their co-evolving counterpart, flowers. I experimented with different mediums and variations on my geometric style. Several of the pieces are made with hand-cut glass, painted and tiled to form a mosaic. 

Camellia Print

Print based off the Camellia painting. Unframed.  Limited edition of 50 prints.  16"x16" with a 2 inch margin. They are $50 each, with $7 for shipping. 

Blue Orchard Bee Print

Based off the Blue Orchard Bee painting. Unframed. Limited edition of 50 prints.  12"x24" with a 2 inch margin.  All profits from this print are donated to Pollinator Pathways, a program within the 501(c)3 non-profit Seeds for Self Reliance.  They do Pollinator conservation, awareness, research, and education throughout Vermont.  They are $50 each, with $7 for shipping.

The following are past works.  They are paintings and sketches in no particular order.  None of these are currently for sale.